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Uitleg ontwerp

Roger, the first coat hook of Studio Sergeant, was premiered on “Belgiam Art and Design” in 2016. It is made of the residual material of HI-MACS processing. In this way, this qualitative material -that is not big enough for ather applications- is not losing any value. 

By combining different colors, this coat hook kan by used in multiple situations. For example: a children’s room, a school, in the office, pubs,...

Uitleg naamgeving

Studio Sergeant always uses a virtual client for his designs. This client is a person that has influenced the design through his/her actions and or work. In this design, the name refers to Roger Van der Eecken, de last owner of the “Spinnerij Van der Eecken en co” in Zele (Belgium). 

This factory building already has a rich past starting from jute processing to the processing of synthetic fabrics such as viscose and polypropylene.

Today, this property serves as a housing for young, strong companies. One of those companies is Saam. Saam is specialised in the processing of Solid Surface materials.

Verkoop locatie
Kletz, Lokerenbaan 112 9240 Zele
Ydee - Design House Ghent, Oudburg 56 9000 Gent
Roark, Serpentstraat 1 9000 Gent