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Uitleg ontwerp

Alfons is an ode to conviviality around the table. It is an extendable table, made up of several small manageable elements, so that it can form the center of friends and family in any situation. Alfons is expandable per 60cm, so there is always place for 2 extra guests. The smallest version is 2m40 and Alfons reaches 4m20 at its greatest. In the latter case, the table seats 16 guests. The chassis of Alfons is made of painted steel, the sliding structure is aluminum and the tabletop is rubberwood. Alfons can simply be extended or shortened by one person.

Uitleg naamgeving

Studio Sergeant always uses a virtual client for his designs. This client is a person that has influenced the design through his/her actions and or work. In this design, the name refers to Alfons Schittekat, a member of the engineering team of the “Boelwerf” in Temse. A very remarkable “heirloom” that their team left behind is an old ship’s crane that can still be admired on the Zaat.

Verkoop locatie
Kletz, Lokerenbaan 112 9240 Zele