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Uitleg ontwerp

Henry is a shelf tower with several benefits that is available in black and white in two sizes, high and low. It can be placed in the room as an eye-catcher or discretely in a corner. Henry is stand-alone, independent and accessible from all sides. It can be used as a space divider as well as supplemental piece of furniture and it can be applied in different rooms such as the bathroom, living room or hallway. Thanks to the invisibly mounted wheels Henry can be easily moved and rotated. A steel divider and drawer - available in white and pastel blue - enhances and completes the functionality of Henry. This multifunctionality was a starting point for the design process. In addition to the functionality of this compact storage unit, there was also paid very close attention to the ingenious composition of the cabinet. Henry is build by staggering the different modules with mitred sawn edges in a specific order. Because of these atypical detailing of Henry, there arises an extremely fine contour and the core of the multiplex remains visible.

Uitleg naamgeving

Studio Sergeant always uses a virtual client for his designs. This client is a person that has influenced the design through his/her actions and or work. In this design, the name refers to Henry Van de Velde, who designed the Library “The Book Tower” for the Ghent University.

Verkoop locatie
Ydee - Design House Ghent , Oudburg 56 9000 Gent
Woonark, Heidebaan 41-45 9100 Sint Niklaas