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Uitleg ontwerp

Jeanne is a stool consisting of a rubber wood seat with a chassis that is made of climbing rope. The design of Jeanne plays with the difference between dream and reality. It is a playful, somewhat mysterious design. In addition, the design encourages reflection.

The chassis is made of steel, covered with climbing rope. The color of the climbing rope is seasonal. The bottom side is covered with a rubber anti-slip. for more info about available colors contact

Uitleg naamgeving

Studio Sergeant always uses a virtual client for his designs. This client is a person that has influenced the design through his/her actions and or work. In this design, the name refers to Jeanne Immink, the founder of the mountain climbing for women. She was the first woman in the world to obtain the fourth degree as a mountain guide in the UIAA and introduced the climbing pants.

Verkoop locatie
Kletz, Lokerenbaan 112 9240 Zele
Ydee - Design House Ghent, Oudburg 56 9000 Gent