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Studio Sergeant
Design Happiness


Uitleg ontwerp

Due to the ever-growing population, everyone is obliged to live in smaller spaces. Therefore it is also important that furniture becomes more compact and combines more functionalities. Herman is a hanging desk that, when not in use, serves as a piece of art. 3 totally different artists put their work on the first prototype of Herman. This immediately made it clear how 1 piece of furniture could look like a completely new product.

Uitleg naamgeving

Studio Sergeant always uses a virtual client for his designs. This client is a person that has influenced the design through his/her actions and or work. Herman Van Doomer was a Dutch Golden Age furniture and frame maker. He ran a successful business in ebony-veneer furniture. Herman is well known today for his portrait by his friend Rembrandt. In addition, he designed the tulip cabinet - which is currently being viewed at the Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum. This design is a combination of furniture making and art.